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Autor Basagic Z.   
Ponedjeljak, 01 Srpanj 2013 20:18
This is a universal message for all leaders from all areas The priority of all priorities is to solve problems and puzzles which tortureour planet and all life on Earth. Besides all the species on Earth is just man is prizewinning with the evolution of consciousness and the main purpose of our consciousness is the survival and happy of all life, eco-system and the all balance on the Earth and not destruction and self-destruction. If we not fail to take advantage of the evolutionary the benefits evolutionary consciousness will become our punishment and the decisive role instinct will take over, which is for nature and the eco-system is a good solution But for us will not instinct to not help. The disappearance of civilizations throughout the history of is a sign and errors in the evolution of consciousness. Erroneous theories, delusion, greed of any kind, especially for resource, coruption, getting rich on the unhappy future of humanity, terrorism, ruthless dictatorship government, nonsensical wars trough history, the tendency to follow the story and not the works, and today virtualism , relativizm are signs of errors in evolution. Also the whole of humanity can be in delusions due to believing in false theories and misconceptions. These words also of caution or univerzal message for all the wrong government which we can call the leaders of the error in the evolution of consciousness due to which their own population suffer and die and each must to resign due to just one unnecessary victim. We remember the wrong or undemocratic leaders only in near history and their the end, and which you no instinct for survival has not helped.I do not want to say that Obama in delusions already those who consult him because they think that by pouring with bucket of water from the ocean to prevent gl. sea ??level rise. Thank you! Sorry on my Englich!

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